Frank Romeo

2nd Wind: Vietnam

.......after raising 7 children and 43 years of nonstop parenting my last child left for college. I woke up one morning and realized, as I was waving goodbye, that I was 65 years old and had been doing for others my entire adult life. War, work, raising children, running a business, even my art and lecturing was done in a spirit to help others. I sat and thought about where I find myself at this particular point in  time I felt a void. A void that was focussed not on accomplishments but more on experiences I've always wanted to experience and perhaps missed out on.

After almost half a century I will return to Southeast Asia and relive my Vietnam experience during the war years. The blog will cover my 1968-1970 years in the military as I revisit a time and place that sculptured my life. Photo's, both then and now, will encompass images of a war ravished peninsula and bring the experience to life.

A historical, spiritual, and emotional journey will include the four key players directly involved in the war in Southeast Asia: Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and of course Vietnam. I will travel to key locations involved in the war and try to bring a viewpoint only seen through a soldiers eyes and in doing so I hope to bring a historical account of the Vietnam experience to life.